We strive to make self healing tools accessible to all of those who are seeking. We seek to gain awareness of the harmonious balance between nature and humankind. Through connection to inner consciousness we seek to raise the vibrational frequency of humans and Mother Earth.

We use many methods and modalities to seek spirituality. We honor Mother Earth along with her past and present cultures by teaching and practicing meditation, loving movement, and by using a variety of available plant medicines. We seek to strengthen the connections between our minds, bodies, and spirits through connection with the source of universal consciousness so that we may bring insights, wisdom, and understanding to our individual lives, families, communities, and our larger societies to provide sustainability for generations to come.

We invite you to join us.

Our Mission

We offer retreats, private ceremonies, one on one counseling, group integration meetings, and a variety of somatic healing modalities such as: yoga, massage, body work, breath work, and meditation. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where humans are connected their inner consciousness and are stewards of Mother Earth.

Our Offerings

World Tree Sanctuary’s mission is to expand the consciousness and raise the energetic vibration of humankind and to make healing accessible to all who need it.

World Tree Psilocybin Retreat Sanctuary