Our Beliefs

WE BELIEVE in a universal source of consciousness.


WE BELIEVE that the path of expanded consciousness should be accessible to all and should feel sensical as opposed to mystical and can be achieved through a mindful lifestyle.


WE BELIEVE that Mother Earth facilitates all life on Earth and a strong connection to Mother Earth is critical to human evolution.


WE BELIEVE our true human nature is rooted in love, compassion, gratitude, and awareness and that through spiritual practice we can connect with our intuition to facilitate mindfulness.


WE BELIEVE that Mother Earth provides us with all the tools we need to connect with our inner consciousness and that naturally occurring entheogens are among her most powerful tools.


WE BELIEVE that through communion with entheogens, we can receive answers to both overarching and specific life questions and are guided on our path to expanded consciousness and be stewards of Mother Earth.


WE BELIEVE the use of entheogens in an integral part of our spiritual practices as it is a catalyst for direct communion with the universal source of consciousness allowing for deep insights into oneself.


WE BELIEVE that mindful consumption of food can offer an entheogenic experience and that holistic nutrition is critical to self care practices.


WE BELIEVE in the power of community and that the efficacy of our sacrament is best when served in a group setting. We also believe that using clinical best practices and experienced facilitators will best guide the members and participants through their spiritual communion.


WE BELIEVE in the value and perpetuation of our community at large over the value and perpetuation of any individual member or participant.


WE BELIEVE that life is permanent and eternal through a continuous cycle of death and rebirth, and the use of entheogens aids in strengthening our minds and spirits so as to ensure their eternal nature.

World Tree Psilocybin Retreat Sanctuary