31 Days Of Journal Prompts

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Spending even just a few moments each day in contemplation can have a radical impact on your day to day life. I invite you to challenge yourself to spending just FIVE MINUTES every day in a journal. Set a reminder on your phone or computer, can be in the morning or evening or any time of day that works for you. Pick a time and stick to it. Do it every day no matter what. Use these prompts to write just a few sentences everyday, and see what impact it has on your life. Every Day Ask Yourself “What am I most grateful for?”

  1. What would I like to change about my life? What is one small daily promise that takes less than 10 minutes that I can keep to enact that change? Rewrite this statement: “I will keep this promise to myself every day for the next 30 days.”

  2. Who am ‘I’ - the invisible awareness behind the experience? Who am I outside of social constructs?

  3. What do I appreciate about myself?

  4. How is my current routine serving me? Where can I turn mundane tasks into mindful rituals?

  5. My ideal day starts with… How might I change my morning routine to feel more inspired throughout the rest of my day?

  6. What is distracting me?

  7. My ideal day ends with… How might I change my evening routine to feel more restored?

  8. My ideal week feels like…

  9. What’s the next step I’ve been thinking about taking, for far too long?

  10. What brings me joy?

  11. What are the current and recurring problems in my life? In what ways can I view these problems as opportunities?

  12. What am I doing for others? What are others doing for me?

  13. If part of my consciousness is not awake, something in my body will suffer for it. What am I feeling in my body right now? Where am I holding tension?

  14. What is my relationship with moving and nourishing my body? What kinds of intentional movement bring me joy? How does my nutrition impact my overall health?

  15. What are my spiritual beliefs and/or doubts? How do those beliefs affect how I live my life?

  16. What do I know to be true today that I didn’t know a year ago?

  17. Who is someone I admire? What qualities do I love about them? How do these qualities reflect things I love about myself?

  18. What’s something true about me that I need to embrace more openly and lovingly?

  19. Thinking about the specifics of my recent and long-term growth, what have I not given myself enough credit for?

  20. How do I want to contribute my talents and passions to the world? Who could be touched by me and how would it affect them?

  21. Reflect on a time I overcame a challenge. What was it about me that enabled me to overcome it?

  22. What’s one thought that has been getting the best of me lately? How has it been influencing my behavior?

  23. What specifically do I need to forgive myself for?

  24. What advice would I give to my 16-year-old self? How about my 8-year-old self?

  25. What is one reality I need to come to peace with? Why?

  26. What excites me about the future?

  27. In what ways can I let go of the need to be understood by others?

  28. What is one privilege I have that I often take for granted?

  29. Make a list of everything I’d like to say no to.

  30. Make a list of everything I’d like to say yes to.

  31. Reflect on the last 30 days. What impact has keeping my promise had on my life? What small promise can I add onto my routine to continue my personal growth?

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